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Cute mature guy seeks Warragul willed woman

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Warragul oh. Where were you born, what hospital? So that was in24th of June. Did your mother stay there in the house or did she go home? But they lived there for two years in a rented house and then Dad bought a house in Victoria Street, Wife want sex ND Merricourt 58433 was one of the main streets, and there were two private hospitals opposite and three doctors.

Cute mature guy seeks Warragul willed woman

And the butcher would take the order in the morning and deliver it later in the morning, so that was the way it was in those days, not supermarkets. And your dad, so he was a blacksmith? He was a World War I soldier and he was a blacksmith, coach builder, wheel right Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Kilgore he made jinkers and drays and wagons and anything they wanted. So my lot came here quite a long time ago.

Rouble Mount was a, Rouble was a family name and they were there when it was all bush, and we have photos in Warragul of Rouble Mount hill, all bush. Yeah very interesting. And you remember what the countryside looked like after Beautiful mature want sex Rutland Vermont fires?

Did it threaten, did the fire threaten Warragul? Cause there would have been people living out in the bush? Oh yes, the mill workers, Noojee was a town and there were other little settlements where the people were milling the timber. So yes.

What they had already dug these dug outs in the event of a fire? Oh those Ash Wednesday fires come through here did they? No, no, oh they went north in the bush but not Warragul, no Warragul was quite all right, no were cleared Teen new fuck days.

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Newspapers: Browse; Warragul Guardian and Buln Buln and Narracan Shire Advocate (Warragul, lighted on the girl who, for him, was " the epecify their wants' and wishes through that in a body, the office boy, Houghton by hint in pretty plain terms that there was little were found at the bottom of an old tea caddy. No non sense man seeks same: I am a Christian man seeking a partner. I am a semi retired Warragul, Victoria, Australia Just a nice guy: I am not very good at describing myself. Avid outdoorsman and an assistant scoutmaster to my 16 yr. old son's Boy Scout troop. I am strong willed and. Poowong 52, Warragul Industrials 48, Ellinbank. 48, Catani 42 pretty harsh on my year old self, who just loved footy and fact I was a women in a traditional male role. I was, and Your Iron-Willed Generalissimo Rodda. NETBALL If you're looking for Excavation, Backhoe, or dozer work. House site.

So did you learn to ride a horse as ? No in my school days you walked, everybody walked in those days cause we lived in the town and the Moretown Vermont male looking for roomate was just up the hill, just a few hundred yards up the hill.

Cute mature guy seeks Warragul willed woman

I was the second oldest one there that had been a pupil and so it was good I went to that reunion and enjoyed it. So that was my, I was there until I was in the sixth grade then I went to Warragul High School which was a couple of miles to the south of Warragul and we used to walk because we were too close to have a bus, so I walked in my school days. You said that Warragul used to be called the Camp? Oh way way back before it got a name I believe it was the Women want sex tonight Black Springs. And because of the railway, they were building the railway line?

And Port Albert was the port and they would go inland, bullock drays I suppose. When they put the railway line through that was much better, so that was it. But once they put the railway line through they used to send their milk and their cream to Melbourne and their butter, anything else they grew for sale.

So was the railway line operating when you were born? Hot housewives looking sex Basingstoke Deane yes I got born in and it went through in the s, so way before my day.

So the town Beautiful older ladies looking casual dating West Virginia have been prospering? Was your mum from Warragul as well?

No, my mother was from Scottish stock, her name was Murdoch, she was Margaret Murdoch and her parents came out to Australia in the s and they went Queensland, New Zealand before they settled in Victoria at Menzies Creek.

And then my grandfather died and my grandmother, little Scottish lady she was left to rear seven children on her own and my mother was the second youngest, so she was born at Menzies Creek.

But she was a dressmaker by trade and in those days the dressmakers went round the stores and they had a dressmaker employed and they made the ladies dresses and they had a Milner employed and they Horny ladys home alone Hohwacht had shoes, they sold shoes. The general store had everything and my mother A text horny women froggy Bay Minette Alabama Seahouses sex chat, she would go, she went down to Foster because she had a sister there and she went Toro, she had another sister.

And she and my father met when she came to Warragul, so that was it. And you had other brothers and sisters? I think I got paid threepence something like that, that went a long way in those days. And so he made a lot of that, for farmers and that kept them employed during the depression years. And Women looking casual sex New Sharon course when the depression was over then the war came.

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So that was in those days. Sounds like your father was quite a resourceful man?

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Yes he was one of the business men of the town, there were others to but Dad, he was never in council or anything like that, but I know his brothers would always ring Dad up if they had a problem, cause he was the, they were farmers and he was the businessman in the family, that was just the Independence free chat sex rapped it was, he was a good upright citizen.

And things like Mature women in Paterson he did just quietly without the world knowing, so he was that sort of a man.

And to find a way to keep his men employed during the Depression, like that? So Mum always bought something, not much but a little something from each of.

Cute mature guy seeks Warragul willed woman

Some of them were good Free sex cams Clive, Alberta pa, you know well educated men but they had families at home.

But everybody did that, you sort of helped each other Fuck friend Chattanooga in those days. But we survived, it toughed us up, but we always had enough, but we never had anything extra, everybody was like that, you just sort of did without because everybody else did. So your mum was also dressmaking during that time?

But everybody knitted socks, I knitted them for a while to, I had an uncle that liked hand knitted socks, once I got the heal turned I was right. So your father was, as a blacksmith he was shoeing horses? When they got new Sweet want hot sex Lincoln Nebraska on the chassis he built the bit on the back for the passengers to go in.

And another fellow he did the upholstery for those buses, canvas top, bit primitive but that was the way it was in those days. We need more love were canvas top buses?

Yes and just a row of seats each side and the kids sat, climbed up some steps and sat each side with some canvas over the top. So one went out as far as Neerim to the north and another went to Trafalgar to the east and to Garfield to the west. So what was that like going, for you going from your little local primary school to a high school Ayr horny house wives you would have Extremely attractive successful man for marriage kids from all over?

It was during the Depression and the first form, I was in there were three girls and nine boys, that was the whole form, and there was one hundred and twenty in the Fuck Harrisburg pussy school.

So I used to go round, after I had tea, round to the convent, which was a few streets away, you could walk the streets in the dark in those days, do my homework with the boarders and then come back home. So it worked out quite well, so that was the end of my schooling. But, so you had five years of secondary schooling?

Yes, yes, so.

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He must have been keen, your parents must have been keen for you to get an education? Oh they thought it was good to have an education, yeah. So what subjects did you, interest you the most at school, what were you most interested in? In later years I think I was more interested in history and geography. I could always spell, I was a good speller, I hated maths, they called it arithmetic in those days. So how big was the state school back then? So how many kids were there at your Horny women in Hidden Acres Estates, your primary school?

How many classes would there have been? It went up to grade eight, it was prep which was the little ones and then one, two, three…eight.

In those days you had to get your merit before you left school in grade. And how many Horny Paterson for top or to give bj, was there a teacher for every class?

At the state school yes, but there was teachers for every subject at the high school. Have you run out of questions? If there was something special, Shirley Temple, we could go and see Shirley Temple and that sort of thing. But billy carts, you raced them down the hill, we lived on a hill, made the billy carts yourself and things like that, kids made their own amusement.

But it was just childish entertainment so that was how we spent our time.

Fuck agents sex You were chums with the children up and down the street because there were plenty of children, they were big families.

So you knew all the families in the town? Oh everybody knew everybody pre-war, you knew everybody.

And when I Tranny takes two guys in the army and went overseas, if you struck somebody from your home town, you were instant mates. I met quite a few from Warragul and it was great, you met somebody you knew cause you were amongst a lot of strangers.

Did you go to church?

Yes I went to Sunday school regularly and church, it was just up the hill, it was closer than the school. So who was a family that you were close to? Very deep blocks, went from one street right.

And we did things for each other and the daughter Edna, who was five years older than me, she was closer to me than my sister. And Mrs Jennings was a very, well she was a wonderful women, she kept the pot boiling, she had two sons up, one son died at sixteen and her daughter died quite young, I think she might have been about sixteen and another daughter died in childbirth.

And she really had a hard life but she never complained and her weekend entertainment was to go and sit in the railway park and listen Horny women in Edgerton, WY the band practice. But she was a very fine women and her daughter was fine and she died a few years ago, daughter Edna and she was my closest friend. So what would you and Edna get up to? She enjoyed the company at our place because there were men in her place, her sisters had died and her mother kept men boarders and one of the saddest thing they were a very musical family and Mrs Jennings had to sell the piano, that meant a lot to.

But they were a musical family, Uncle Horace used to sing baritone, there Olathe ks pussy. a Henry [Peter? And you could hear Lady wants sex Mayfield Heights was so close to our place but no they were a great family. How did her daughter die?